Corporate Governance

Dentsu Group Inc. will put effective corporate governance into practice in order to fulfill its responsibilities to its stakeholders (such as its shareholders, clients, employees and local communities) and to ensure sustainable growth and enhance medium- to long-term corporate value.

Corporate Governance Policy

Enhancing and developing corporate governance to increase corporate value

Dentsu's Corporate Governance Implementation Structure

Transitioning to a corporate structure with an audit and supervisory committee in 2016

Corporate Governance Report

Putting effective corporate governance into practice by following our principles

Basic Policy on Internal Control

“Basic Policy on Internal Control” encourages compliance among directors, executive officers and employees, while it also supports continuous corporate development as the Company meets its social responsibilities

Independence Standards for Outside Directors at Dentsu Group Inc.

Outside directors with independent mindsets and extensive experience in a variety of fields

Communication with Shareholders and Investors

Engaging in active IR efforts to provide reliable and up-to-date information related to the current business situation and policies

Group Code of Conduct

A statement defining the way we act as part of the dentsu community and the core principles to uphold.

Our Policies

Introducing our policies such as “Terms of Service on Online Advertising” and “Terms of Data Use”


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