Business History

Defining moments in the Group's growth trajectory

  • 1901-

    Dentsu's History Begins in 1901, at the Dawn of the 20th Century

    Image of 1901-
  • 1947-

    Hideo Yoshida—Japanese Advertising's Great Modernizer— and the Start of Commercial Broadcasting in Japan

    Image of 1947-
  • 1964-

    A Decade of Milestones;
    Dentsu Becomes the World's Largest Advertising Agency

    Image of 1964-
  • 1978-

    From an Advertising Agency to a Communications Company

    Image of 1978-
  • 1998-

    A Tectonic Shift Begins;
    Future Strategy Launched for a 21st-Century Dentsu

    Image of 1998-
  • 2001-

    Dentsu's Centenary and Stock Market Listing

    Image of 2001-
  • 2008-

    Realizing "Good Innovation." through Integrated Communication Design

    Image of 2008-
  • 2013-

    Dentsu Establishes a New Global Operating Unit, Dentsu Aegis Network Ltd.

    Image of 2013-
  • 2020-

    Moving to a Pure Holding Company Structure

    Image of 2020-
  • 2023-

    Started a New Global Management Structure towards ‘One dentsu’ new Global

    Image of 2023-


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