Launching Reforms toward a New “dentsu”

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Dentsu Inc. shifted to a pure holding company structure and Toshihiro Yamamoto became the first president and CEO of the new company named Dentsu Group Inc.

In 2018 the environment in which Dentsu Inc. and the Dentsu Group (hereinafter “the Group”) operated was rapidly changing and evolving. Faced with this challenge, in December of that year the Company made the decision to move to a pure holding company structure in January 2020. This decision was based on the view that in order to respond appropriately and speedily to an array of changes and achieve sustainable growth for the Group, it is imperative to realize timely acquisition and allocation of internal and external management resources, further promote diversity in human resource management and the development of an open corporate culture, and establish a structure that will realize optimal Group corporate governance.

On January 1, 2020, Toshihiro Yamamoto became the first president and CEO of the pure holding company named Dentsu Group Inc. whose trade name was changed from Dentsu Inc.

At the same time Dentsu Japan Network, an in-house company of Dentsu Group Inc., was established to oversee and support the Group’s Japan business, and Hiroshi Igarashi was appointed as the company’s first president and CEO. Dentsu Japan Network also refers to the network itself, which consists of around 130 companies that support dentsu*’s business in Japan. Going forward, the network will strive to create synergies by strengthening cooperation among all the network companies and accelerate the transformation of the Group’s Japan business.

As a result, the following organizational structure was established: Dentsu Japan Network for Dentsu’s business in Japan, Dentsu Aegis Network for its business outside of Japan, and Dentsu Group Inc. as the pure holding company that oversees the two networks.

The Dentsu Group will continue striving to enhance the level of specialization and capabilities in integration in both the domestic and overseas markets, while simultaneously working to expand the foundations underpinning its operations. As the “one dentsu” global network, which contributes to support for business growth at client companies, we will strive to accelerate reforms aimed at realizing sustainable growth.

Brand name of the international business changed to “dentsu international” and Wendy Clark named global CEO in order to promote the “one dentsu” model

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In September 2020, the brand name of the international business was changed from Dentsu Aegis Network to dentsu international in line with dentsu’s ongoing strengthening of the “one dentsu” global network. At the same time, the name of Dentsu Group Inc.’s consolidated subsidiary which oversees and supports dentsu’s international business operations was changed from Dentsu Aegis Network Ltd. to Dentsu International Limited. In addition, Wendy Clark, who has demonstrated leadership in global brand companies and advertising agencies, joined dentsu in September 2020 and was appointed the global CEO of dentsu international. We aim to transform our international business and achieve sustainable growth even in the harsh business environment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic around the world.

*The brand name “dentsu” indicates the entire dentsu group companies including the pure holding company, Dentsu Group Inc., and its consolidated subsidiaries.

  • Photo 1:
    Toshihiro Yamamoto, President and CEO of Dentsu Group Inc.
  • Photo 2:
    Wendy Clark, Global CEO, Dentsu International Limited (Retired at the end of December 2022)


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