Dentsu Japan Network Provides Integrated Support for Companies to Utilize the Metaverse and Contributes to Market Creation and Expansion

― XRX STUDIO, a cross-DJN organization, forms four specialized teams and launches its “Integrated Metaverse Solutions” ―

XRX STUDIO*1, the co-creative organization launched by Dentsu Innovation Initiative, the organization that promotes R&D for Dentsu Japan Network (DJN)*2, and five DJN companies, provides integrated support for companies to utilize the metaverse. Starting from today, they will offer their new “Integrated Metaverse Solutions” to further create and expand the market. This is a solution that comprehensively supports marketing and business development utilizing the metaverse, promoted by client companies and partner companies such as those involved in content and media.

In order to use the metaverse-related knowledge of each Dentsu Group company for corporate support, four expert teams specializing in the areas of business development, owned media development, store development, and integrated promotion have been formed within XRX STUDIO. In each of these areas, they will provide integrated support such as business plan formulation (monetization design), partner development, UI/UX planning, implementation, data acquisition and analysis, PDCA cycle, and investment.

Images of the Integrated Metaverse Solutions services

● Business development support (planning and implementation of a dynamic live entertainment business that goes beyond the real world. Planning and implementation of B2B events and conferences, monetization design, development of partners and alliances, and so forth.)


● Owned media support (from UI/UX design for owned media that enhances user and fan engagement to operational support)


● Store development support (store design optimized for the metaverse space to realize new shopping experiences, the strengthening of e-commerce and sales channels, cooperation with real-world stores, and so forth)


● Integrated promotion support (optimization of the entire promotion such as outdoor advertising in the metaverse space, product announcements and exhibitions, cooperation with the real world using AR, and sending customers to real-world stores)


In addition to the diverse human resources and expertise of each Dentsu Japan Network company, XRX STUDIO co-creates with advanced technology development companies and is undertaking various initiatives, from service infrastructure development with client companies and partner companies in the metaverse field, to research on advertising models. At the Tokyo Game Show VR held in 2021, XRX STUDIO provided the first Tokyo Game Show metaverse platform, and in collaboration with NTT, used that company’s DOOR™*3 to demonstrate advertising models and commerce in a large-scale metaverse space*4. The organization also participated in the XR Consortium*5 and the Japan Digital Spatial Economic Federation*6 in order to contribute to the development of the industry as a whole. Through XRX STUDIO and other measures, DJN will continue to expand its solutions while deepening cooperation with various players and contribute to the further creation and expansion of the metaverse market.

XRX STUDIO was launched in February 2021. It is a cross-group organization of the Dentsu Group in Japan, and is working to promote XR transformation, an initiative that transforms businesses and lifestyles by utilizing XR technology (a generic term for the fusing of the real world with elements of a fictional world, such as VR, AR, and MR).

Dentsu Japan Network (DJN) is an in-house company within the pure holding company Dentsu Group Inc., and supports approximately 160 Dentsu Group companies operating in Japan. DJN also refers to the network itself consisting of those Group companies.

The organization and companies that make up XRX STUDIO:
Dentsu Japan Network; Dentsu Innovation Initiative
Dentsu Inc.
Dentsu Digital Inc.
Dentsu Live Inc.
Dentsu Promotion Plus (Japanese language only)
Information Services International-Dentsu Ltd.

XRX STUDIO’s statement


The DOORTM is one of the NTT XR technology initiatives developed and provided by the NTT Group, and it utilizes elements of XR such as VR, AR, and MR.

Reference: The press release entitled “The Dentsu Group Provides an Infrastructure System for the First-ever Conversion of the Tokyo Game Show to Virtual Reality.”

A general incorporated association that was established in 2015 as a VR consortium with the mission of building an ecosystem for the VR industry by connecting creatives, companies and academic institutions.

As a cross-industry comprehensive economic organization, it makes policy proposals, disseminates information, and engages in dialogue with various related organizations with the aim of revitalizing economic activities in the digital space and contributing to the sound development of the Japanese economy and the realization of an affluent national life. The economic development of the digital space will contribute to the economic development of Japan.


Jumpei Kojima
Chief Director
Corporate Communications Office
Dentsu Japan Network
Telephone: +81 (3) 6217-6602


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