Dentsu Group Medium-Term CSR Strategy 2020

In accordance with the Dentsu Group Code of Conduct, based on the medium-term CSR strategy— stipulating the four key areas and common goal—the Group will continue contributing to the realization of a sustainable society by steadily promoting CSR activities worldwide.

CSR Planning: Realizing a Sustainable Society

Nations around the world face a number of social issues, including those that are environment-related, such as global warming, as well as human rights violations that are found in some countries and regions. Many of the issues are the result of corporate activities, since the increased social expectations and demands are causing companies to focus on a variety of activities to fulfill their responsibilities. The advertising industry being no exception, we have persevered in our effort to manage the impact on the environment and society.

However, the role that should be played by the advertising industry is far greater than we had anticipated. That said, we have a significant impact on consumer behavior as it relates to the buying of such goods as daily consumer items, and extends to once-in-a-lifetime major purchases. While being aware of the magnitude of the impact that advertising has on consumption, we also should remain aware of our responsibilities in terms of the fairness of the content and of goods and services that consumers purchase. When it comes to environmental and social impact, we believe advertising companies should bear in mind both direct and indirect impact.

Based on the above considerations, we developed a plan that defines the common goal of the Dentsu Group. The plan—involving the collection of data regarding the Group’s resources and knowledge in Japan and overseas—will be steadily executed with a view to realizing a sustainable society, and through the promotion of sustainable business activities.

Four Key Areas

  • Environment
    EnvironmentTo tackle climate change through reducing our environmental footprint across our operations
  • Community
    CommunityTo build a more effective civil society through a wide variety of community activities
  • Supply Chain
    Supply ChainTo develop a more resilient supply chain through developing sustainable procurement practices
  • Responsible Marketing and Sustainable Consumption
    Responsible Marketing and Sustainable ConsumptionTo promote a sustainable society through implementing responsible marketing practices as well as encouraging sustainable behavior

Quantitative Targets in Japan and
Group Companies outside Japan

    Dentsu Group companies in Japan
    Dentsu Group companies in Japan
    Group Companies outside Japan
    Group Companies outside Japan
  • EnvironmentEnvironment
    Reduce our carbon footprint per person by 30%
    Reduce our carbon footprint per person by 40%
  • CommunityCommunity
    Have 90% of the employees participate in Dentsu’s CSR program and contribute to community development
    Enable 500 charities to build communications capabilities
  • Supply ChainSupply Chain
    Cooperate with 90% of our main suppliers to promote sustainable business activities
    Achieve 100% compliance with our supply chain charter principles
  • Responsible Marketing and Sustainable ConsumptionResponsible Marketing and Sustainable Consumption
    Provide 90% of our employees with training in the responsible execution of their duties and use their skills and expertise to give something back to society
    Engage 1,000,000 people with sustainable consumption campaigns


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