Dentsu Group Internal Control System

Internal Control System

The Dentsu Group Internal Control System encourages compliance among directors, executive officers, and employees, while at the same time supporting continuous corporate development as Dentsu meets its social responsibilities. The Dentsu Group Code of Conduct is positioned as a shared behavioral code to ensure that directors, executive officers, and employees of Dentsu and its subsidiaries carry out their duties in compliance with the law, regulations, and the Company’s Articles of Incorporation. The code also ensures that business is conducted appropriately, while the Internal Control and Compliance Committee works to maintain and improve internal controls. In accordance with Internal Control and Compliance Committee policies, the CSR Committee and other committees formulate rules and develop manuals to inculcate a thorough awareness of proper business execution among all employees through training and other activities.

There are business-related check items for risk management and compliance, while a broad range of inspections are conducted. The items checked include the appropriateness of rules; whether business is conducted in accordance with the rules; and if reporting of, and responses to, problems are prompt, in order that issues might be identified and issues improved. We also establish internal control mechanisms at Group companies to maintain and enhance corporate value throughout the entire Dentsu Group.



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