Dentsu Group CSR Promotion System

The Dentsu Group’s CSR Committee—comprising five officers and chaired by an executive officer—serves as an advisory body to the Group Management Committee, which is tasked with making important management decisions. In FY2017, the CSR Committee met 11 times.

Subordinate advisory committees are set up under the CSR Committee to examine specific facets of the Company. CSR activities for our overseas businesses are formulated by Dentsu Aegis Network Board of Directors, before being reported to the Management Committee and CSR Committee. CSR promotion committee members have been designated in all Dentsu Head Office divisions, in an effort to promote awareness of specific CSR policies among all employees. At the same time, executive officers in charge of CSR have been appointed in Group companies in Japan, while in Group companies abroad, CSR Champions have been appointed. These efforts are designed to advance CSR activities on a Group-wide basis.

Dentsu Group CSR Promotion System

Dentsu Group CSR Promotion System

DAN CSR Promotion System

At DAN, senior management sets CSR strategies and targets, and the CSR + Society Steering Committee is in charge of managing the progress of these policies. The chairman of this committee, which meets six times every year, is the Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer. Committee members are appointed by senior management. CSR strategy is executed by the Global CSR Team, which is in charge of coordinating the assessment, reporting and management of all CSR campaigns and programs including compliance with policies. In addition, the Global CSR Team regularly conducts internal and external communications, engages with CSR champions and stakeholders, and evaluates CSR-related risks and opportunities. The results of these evaluations are reported to the Risk Committees at each location. In 2017, the global CSR team consisted of five members working with more than 3000 CSR coordinators throughout the world.



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