Promotion of CSR

Dentsu has established three principal committees under its Executive Management Committee and Business Supervision Committee, which are responsible for all major management decisions. One of the committees established under the Executive Management Committee is the CSR Committee,comprising five board members and chaired by a director and executive officer. The committee, which met eight times (April to December) in fiscal 2015, makes decisions on all major CSR-related measures in accordance with the Dentsu Group Code of Conduct, which also serves as the Group’s CSR philosophy.Under the CSR Committee, Dentsu has established subcommittees for human rights education and charitable donations, as well as specialist working groups to deliberate on issues in various fields. On the key theme of the environment, the CSR Committee works closely with the Environmental Strategy Council, Dentsu’s in-house body tasked with promoting environment-related programs to ensure greater Company-wide awareness concerning the environment.

For Group companies outside of Japan, a CSR action plan was developed at the DAN Board of Directors meeting. The progress of the plan is reported to and shared with the Executive Management and the CSR Committees. We have also designated CSR promotion committee members in all Company departments topromote awareness, disseminate information on specific CSR measures, and ensure company-wide efforts. At Group companies outside of Japan, we have appointed CSR Champions, who promote CSR activities. Through such efforts, we are advancing CSR activities on a Group-wide level. Dentsu aims to ensure that its CSR measures are consistent across the Group, ensuring that member companies are able to express its characteristics.

Dentsu Group CSR Promotion System

Dentsu Group CSR Promotion System

DAN CSR Promotion System

The Board sets the Network’s CSR strategy and establishes the CSR Steering Group to oversee its implementation. The members for the CSR Steering Group are, in turn, appointed by the Executive Officer. They regularly report on the progress and performance of the CSR Strategy to the Board. Also, the CSR Steering Group oversees the implementation of the CSR Strategy by the global CSR team and monitors its progress. The CSR Steering Group met five times last year.



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