Value Creation Model

Diversity and Integration

Driving value creation for our clients and society

To remain connected to clients and society, it is important to have a higher sense of purpose as we work to resolve business issues and urgent societal problems. The Dentsu Group has constructed a cyclical value creation process, by means of which we make a difference to society and find deeper meaning in what we do by ensuring sustainable growth and simultaneously enhancing corporate value.

Client Growth, Societal Growth

Bringing together Group companies that embrace diversity, and developing business that connects a wide range of stakeholders, the Dentsu Group creates new enterprises, functions, and brands for clients to help maximize their growth.

We believe this leads to economic revitalization, sustainable consumption and production, gender and racial equality, as well as the acceptance of different values. By addressing the resultant new social issues and creating new cyclical value, the Dentsu Group serves as a platform for contributing to a sustainable and prosperous society.

Relationship with Stakeholders

Combining the Group’s assets—including media, creative, data and analytics, systems integration, sports, as well as entertainment—we provide Integrated Growth Solutions that support the transformation and growth of business.

At the same time, we are increasing the diversity of our staff through collaborations and groupings that go beyond the boundaries of individual Group companies, and are linking these assets to our clients. Our governance system serves as a foundation to support both stakeholders and clients, in order to earn a high degree of trust among clients, partners, and society. Our more than 66,000 Group employees are connected to our distinctive culture in order that, through openness and transparency, they might earn the trust of our clients.

Megatrends and Social Issues

In addition to climate change and other environmental problems, demographic changes, growing societal disparities and divisions, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is approaching a turning point. The need to transform business models in response to these megatrends creates an opportunity for both our business and for society. The response is an important element in the achievement of sustainable corporate growth.