• ONE dentsu

    On January 1, 2020, we embarked on a new start as Dentsu Group Inc.
    The ability to connect human resources in countries and organizations across the globe, and to access diverse perspectives, will lead to innovations from everyone, everywhere.
    The new dentsu will work as one team to create a wealth of new value for our clients.

  • One Platform:
    Innovation from 66,000 Staff

    The Dentsu Group, a corporate group which encompasses over 1,000 group companies in more than 145 countries and regions, employs over 66,000 people with specialized knowledge and experience in their field of business.
    They all are connected in our open, flat, cross-border organization. As we accelerate the creation of a diverse and open-minded culture, we are creating new value for our clients and society.

  • One Platform:
    Integrating All Our Capabilities

    Reflecting the idea of "Open Teaming", we form flexible teams with external partners to develop integrated solutions for our clients. As an open organization, we generate borderless creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

  • Linking Consumers to Corporates
    for a Sustainable Society

    Climate change, sustainable production and consumption, diversity, and other social issues are impacting society globally. Utilizing our resources to connect consumers, corporates, and society, the Dentsu Group provides solutions that drive society-wide innovation.