Connecting Diverse Stakeholders

Creating New Value for Society by Connecting Diverse Stakeholders

Throughout its history—which dates back some 120 years—the Dentsu Group has prided itself in its ability to connect stakeholders and combine elements to generate new value.
This we shall continue to do and, as a company engaged in comprehensive communications, help to realize an abundant society.

  • News distribution
  • Newspaper publishers
  • Advertisers
Advertising Media
At the time of our founding, we established communications and advertising departments jointly with newspaper publishers. The idea was to render them support by offsetting news distribution fees and advertisement placement fees.
Over the years, newspaper publishers have grown as advertising media, and have contributed to the establishment of an ecosystem comprising news agencies, newspaper publishers, advertisers, and consumers.
  • Television
  • Newspaper
  • Advertisers
Commercial Broadcast
Having carefully researched technological advances in the United States, Dentsu was confident that the age of television broadcasting would come to Japan. We worked with newspaper publishers to create private broadcasting stations and contributed significantly to the establishment of a business model based on advertising revenue for commercial broadcasting stations.
  • Sports
  • Broadcasting
  • Marketers
Sponsored Sports
The 1964 Tokyo Olympics were covered by live color television broadcasts and newspaper stories that electrified the entire nation. This enabled Dentsu to demonstrate, to the Japanese advertising industry, the business potential of sporting events.
  • Various national
  • Corporations
  • Organization
World Expo
At the Japan World Exposition held in Osaka in 1970, Dentsu carried out work under contract to the Japanese governmental agency organizing the event. At the same time, we were extensively involved in the event through work it did on behalf of domestic and foreign exhibiting corporations, as well as for participating overseas governments.
  • Local governments
  • Local students
  • Town revitalization
Regional Revitalization
Dentsu advocated a U-turn policy—Let’s Go Back to Ono—to address concerns about the dwindling population of Ono City, Fukui Prefecture. Accordingly, the historical castle town’s history and charm were depicted, using posters and photo albums created in cooperation with town revitalization leaders and local high school students. They helped Dentsu produce materials to showcase the area’s potential.
  • Traditional artisans
  • Advanced engineers
Modern Art
By combining the traditional Japanese Noh theater with event space design making full use of the latest technologies, Dentsu created a new world without losing the distinctive impact of either the theater or technology. This resulted in an impact far greater than generally would have been expected.
  • Brokers
  • General trading
AI to Determine Quality
Dentsu Group focused on the fact that skilled tuna brokers determine the quality of a tuna by examining cross-sections of the tail. To address the dwindling number of master tuna merchants and their successors, it was decided that their skills and techniques would be well served if passed on using AI.
Through deep learning achieved by observing the composition of tuna tail cross-sections, AI determines the quality of a given tuna based on a cross-sectional tail scan.
  • Sports groups
  • Creative technologists
New Spectator Experience
In order to make it easier to understand fencing matches where it is difficult to clearly see decisive moments with the naked eye, technologies such as machine learning have been used. This helps onlookers visualize the trajectory of each sword* and the players’ biometric data. Meanwhile, the volume of applause and cheering are shown on a screen, capturing the excitement at the venue.
This has resulted in a new spectator experience that allows one to experience the strategies of both fencing offense and defense.

* Fencing tracking and visualization system: Rhizomatiks

  • Japanese government
  • Local governments
  • Private sector partner companies
At the Summit
At the 2019 G20 summit meeting held in Osaka, Dentsu supported conference facility construction, international media center operations and Japanese technologies in the exhibition space, conveying Osaka’s attractiveness and providing hospitality including dinner parties for government officials and foreign media, all of which contributed to the summit’s success.

Creating New Value for Society by Connecting Diverse Stakeholders


Rugby World Cup 2019TM

During the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan, we supported a successful tournament by connecting not only rugby fans around the world, but also various stakeholders, including World Rugby, the Japan Rugby Football Union, and the Rugby World Cup 2019 Organizing Committee, as well as corporate sponsors, broadcasters, newspaper publishers, and local governments.

The tournament created tremendous excitement and attracted attention around the globe.

Dentsu’s event management team realized the ideal approach to event management for the future by promoting ticket sales using CRM and digital measures tailored to attract fans and potential spectators, creating an exciting event venue bringing spectators together while making extensive use of social media and mass media advertising.

Dentsu Group companies in Japan and overseas leveraged their respective fields of expertise and combined their integrated capabilities to allow a broad range of people in various areas to benefit from significant value.

Connecting Dentsu Group Diverse Stakeholders through the Rugby World Cup


Hokkaido Ballpark

In 2019, Dentsu Inc., in conjunction with Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters Baseball Club Co., Ltd., and NH Foods Ltd., established the new company Fighters Sports & Entertainment Co., Ltd., which owns and operates a new baseball stadium for the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters. This company embodies the new baseball stadium and Hokkaido Ballpark F Village construction plan scheduled to open in 2023. The site will be the symbol of Hokkaido.

The project, more than simply being another baseball business, represents a new form of urban development designed to enrich people’s lives.
Hence, in addition to the stadium itself, there will be commercial facilities, event sites, a park, and other amenities in the Hokkaido Ballpark. By attracting crowds, the site will create new value for the local community.

Connecting Dentsu Group Diverse Stakeholders for Regional Revitalization


Budweiser and Jackie Robinson’s 100th birthday

In 2019, Dentsu Group helped Budweiser honor Jackie Robinson in the US on the occasion of his 100th birthday as a way of reinforcing the importance of diversity and inclusion in sports. We helped share Jackie Robinson’s story to a whole new audience and generation. We created a powerful film directed by Spike Lee that draws a parallel between the late forties and the present times, delivering an impactful message about diversity and inclusion. Additionally, a limited edition Budweiser bottle, posters, and a promotional baseball all embodied the spirit of the campaign, integrating several unique design elements, such as the unity of black and white reminding us of the break of the color barrier, the red stitches (the color of Budweiser) that unite the two parts, Jackie Robinson’s signature, and his legendary number. Forty-two cents from every limited edition Jackie Robinson Budweiser sold during the season was donated to the Jackie Robinson Foundation to support its efforts across the country.

The campaign had a huge impact, being commented on in major media channels and connecting our brand to the baseball domain and, at the same time, revived an important part of history to appeal the importance of diversity and inclusion.