Integrating Diverse Resources

Driving client value by integrating
diverse resources

In recent years, corporates have sought sustainable growth by applying transformative digital principles to marketing and business activities. Marketing partners thus must solve a wide range of issues beyond traditional marketing, involving strategy to execution. In response to these needs, the Dentsu Group provides Integrated Growth Solutions.

Transforming individual capabilities into integrated solutions

Beyond Marketing Communications

As markets mature, corporates increasingly are finding it a challenge to attain sustainable growth. At a time when it is essential to engage in a variety of activities and constantly innovate, the Dentsu Group is going beyond advertising and other conventional services in the areas of marketing and communications to offer a wider range of services and contribute to the sustainable growth of client companies.

Above all, we will focus on expanding and upgrading services to bring about digital transformations in marketing. The development of digital strategies is expected to accelerate, as society adapts to post COVID-19 life accelerating digitalization.

To buttress the sustainable growth of client companies, the Group will provide clients with extensive support for their growth strategies, the development of databases and marketing platforms that support their growth, as well as the execution of marketing communications. These areas have always been among the Group’s strengths.

Traditionally, we have provided information systems, among other services. Now we plan to expand our offerings, so as to extend and develop our CRM and digital transformation capabilities through the Merkle brand and other outstanding global network resources, in order to continue to provide integrated solutions to our clients.

Creating New Value, Integrating Resources

In an era of rapid commoditization, constant innovation is also required in terms of measures aimed at corporate growth. We believe we cannot contribute sufficiently to the sustainable growth of our clients by simply providing high quality services in a wide range of areas.

Thus, the Dentsu Group also offers integrated marketing solutions based on our outstanding execution and creativity. We plan to advance our capabilities to integrate resources in a wide range of areas beyond marketing communications, thereby creating new value.

Not only can optimization be achieved by integrating resources but, by creating solutions that combine different fields of business, it is possible to resolve issues that could not be addressed on an individual basis.

To realize these new integrated solutions, the Dentsu Group will develop its traditional integrative capabilities to create Open Teaming. This will be the foundation for promoting collaboration within the Group, across companies and national borders.

By realizing Integrated Growth Solutions that only the Dentsu Group can provide, offering new value to clients, and contributing to sustainable growth, the Group aims to become an indispensable partner to all our clients.

Driving client value by integrating diverse resources


Health Project for All

The Japan Professional Football League (J.League) was facing a challenge: how to become involved in regional revitalization. J.League sponsor Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company, meanwhile, sought to become a partner in health promotion or health activities, while at the same time becoming involved in the revitalization of regional communities. Through its efforts, the insurer planned to develop and expand sales opportunities nationwide.

The Health Activities Project addresses both challenges, working with the J.League to promote a healthy life in society.
Attractive sports opportunities are provided, allowing participants to benefit from J.League assets suitable for people of all ages to use in improving their health. In addition, events are organized and apps made available that increase people’s interest in J.League activities.

Meiji Yasuda Life, meanwhile, provides its customers with insurance products that offer cash refunds on a portion of their insurance premiums, depending on the results of health checks. The Dentsu Group is contributing to the creation of these ongoing relationships.

Website introducing easy exercises for everyone
Website introducing easy exercises for everyone
Integrating Dentsu Group Resources
Integrating Dentsu Group Resources


Jins Holdings
Business Design

Dentsu Inc. has teamed up with the Jins Holdings Inc. as Chief Strategy Office to promote the formulation and execution of strategies addressing various management issues. To this end, Dentsu is investing in the Jins workplace business Think Lab—built on the idea of concentration, or close mental attention—and the joint promotion of business development. At the same time, it is supporting growth in the core Jins eyewear business and the revitalization of Maebashi City in the Kanto area by Jins CEO Hitoshi Tanaka.

Dentsu’s partnership with Jins CEO Tanaka spans more than 10 years, during which time Dentsu has lent its support in the area of communications design for the branding of the JINS PC (renamed JINS SCREEN). Our role is that of a business design partner: we help determine how to create new value and realize internal transformations to achieve that end.

Hitoshi Tanaka (left), CEO of Jins Holdings Inc., talks with Shingo Yamahara of Dentsu Business Design Square.


Holistic customer management
program with Swiss luxury watch brand

Isobar helped a Swiss luxury watch brand to create a holistic customer management program that connected both online and offline shoppers with the brand. The digital transformation journey had the objective to build a no-friction ecosystem that drives engagement with the digital-savvy customer, anytime, anywhere. It aimed to give the customer a unique experience; the sales associate the ability to attract, engage, and convert; and the sales representative the assurance to have the right product in the right place at the right time.

Isobar set an open and never-ending communication and engagement channel between the customer and the brand, with improved operational capabilities in an omnichannel real-time reality. In addition, it built the program with a minimum viable product (MVP) approach to connect tools, and to automate tasks and online interactions.

As a result, we produced a CRM for retail execution and clienteling* integrated with a new sales app, POS solutions and a new e-warranty QR code solution based on blockchain technology.

The program also empowered boutique staff with a user-friendly and digital-led way to capture client data with omnichannel interactions, and provided real-time information for all stakeholders, in cloud and personalized content as well as services through marketing automation.

  • * Clienteling: The sales technique of forming personal relationships with clients based on their habits and preferences.