Management messages

Teaming to achieve the never before

Tim Andree

Representative Director and Executive Vice President, Dentsu Group Inc.
Executive Chairman, Dentsu International Limited

2020 was a year of unexpected challenges for society, the economy, businesses, and people throughout the world and Dentsu Group pulled together to support our clients and stakeholders in unprecedented ways. The pandemic struck in the midst of our planned transformation of the business and therefore we responded to accelerate its velocity. It was a year of new beginnings and opportunities, demonstrating our resilience and confidence in our future.

We launched Dentsu Group Inc. in January 2020 to create a company that harnesses to the full effect the diversity of our talent and the breadth of our innovation capability. We knew that our future differentiation and competitiveness did not lie solely in holding competitive assets and businesses in 145 markets across the globe, but in how those businesses work together to provide transformative integrated solutions for brands, clients, partners, and society. Dentsu Group aims to organize ourselves into a flat and open network, acting to support “Teaming” across our agencies to stimulate collaboration, linking people, ideas, and solutions to create new value, and encouraging and supporting the development of our talent and efficiency of our delivery.

Our initial focus is to evolve from being a holding company to a “Teaming Company.” In the most simple sense, this means that we do together what can best be done as a Group while empowering the entrepreneurship and innovation of each organization and individual to stimulate, create, and inspire.

Throughout 2020, we identified areas best aligned at the Group level. We have worked to safeguarding our business through aligned compliance and governance, strengthened communications and reputation management, building common operational and technology platforms and talent development programs. We have also worked on shaping our business by launching a common vision, inviting all stakeholders to pursue the “never before” and establishing a common set of values we call “the 8 Ways.” Shared vision and values are the bond that brings together our diverse talents and bridges cultures.

In February 2021, the Group announced the Medium-term Management Plan with initiatives to review our capital strategy and accelerate transformation as a Group. We have also identified areas to deliver new levels of servicing through joint initiatives and collaboration around data & technology, sports & entertainment, global clients, innovation, industry verticals, and sustainable business solutions.

Initiatives to promote and encourage Teaming will continue to evolve and be dynamic. The diversity of our talent, specialists, and integrated offerings are what drives our innovation. Through Teaming, we will unlock more synergies across the Group and support the connection of anyone from anywhere in the world to create, ideate, and develop solutions to drive sustainable growth for all our stakeholders.