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Marketing Design

The marketing environment for enterprises is undergoing major changes. The popularity of digital and social media, changes in consumer behavior patterns, and advances in technology including infrastructures for processing Big Data are steadily altering the relationships between enterprises and consumers.

Given these changes, it has become difficult for a company to achieve adequate results from its marketing efforts without organically linking each of the processes and each of the measures making up those activities. Dentsu refers to this major change as Marketing Convergence, and is developing and providing integrated solutions to the issues faced directly by clients today.

Providing integrated marketing solutions to lead the age of Marketing Convergence. Helping to design the mechanisms for creating long-sellers. Our wish is to become a partner in confronting head-on the issues faced by clients, through marketing design.

Marketing design includes the following business activities:
Integrated marketing
PDCA management
Marketing system design
Business and brand consulting/CI and VI
Business design

Communication Design

Consumer contact points are diversifying and corporate messages are not reaching the intended recipients as easily as they once did. Consequently, communication design is taking on greater importance. Its goal goes beyond general communication activities to the design of an optimum environment in which consumers can receive the advertisers’ information.

To this end, efforts are directed toward accurately identifying consumer preferences and prevailing conditions and to designing communication processes, opportunities and other measures. Dentsu enables the execution of such communication activities that encompass various information channels in addition to conventional advertising. In shaping desirable communication environments, effective measures such as strategic public relations (PR) and word-of-mouth (WOM)/“Buzz” marketing are considered. Dentsu then implements media-neutral planning, often incorporating content-based communication including branded entertainment and branded utility. In addition, Dentsu extends its sphere of activity to corporate, business and product developments, and designs and delivers solutions to the challenges clients face by utilizing all types of communication opportunities.

Communication design includes the following business activities:
Cross-media communications planning
Strategic PR design

Creative Sphere

Dentsu, oriented toward “innovative creativity,” draws on a wealth of talent including art directors, copywriters, television commercial planners and communication strategists. By combining their expertise and diverse approaches unrestricted by existing concepts and methods, Dentsu successfully delivers flexible and original creative solutions. Dentsu’s high level of creativity is substantiated by tangible results. “Creator of the Year,” an annual award established by the Japan Advertising Agencies Association to recognize an outstanding creator from any of the association’s member companies, has been given to a Dentsu creator 24 out of the 26 times it has been presented.


Promotions from Dentsu are not limited to conventional sales promotion flyers and in-store activities such as giveaway samples, or direct mailings. Dentsu has three dedicated formats: in-store/shopper marketing, which is derived through discerning studies of sales methods from a marketplace perspective; digital promotions, which puts the latest digital technology to work; and space branding, which guides consumers to a deeper understanding of the target services or products. These formats and the personnel network underpin Dentsu’s promotional activities which are aimed at influencing consumer behavior by shaping brand perception, prompting consumers to visit stores and encouraging them to make in-store purchases. Essentially, Dentsu creates mechanisms to motivate consumers to take action in selecting and purchasing the targeted brands.

Promotions include the following business activities:
In-store/shopper marketing
Digital promotions
Space branding

Digital/Social Media

Advertising business in the digital domain is progressing to a new stage, as devices and media diversify and advance, Big Data gains the spotlight, and the use of ad technology grows rapidly. The emergence of social media demands that new kinds of relationships be formed between consumers and enterprises.

The strengths of the Dentsu Group include the creative and planning know-how built up as a comprehensive advertising company, the ability to plan and execute unified ad campaigns, and our relationships with a variety of enterprises. By bringing new ideas and technologies to the digital/social domain, we have been ahead of the curve in seizing on the increasing importance of business intelligence, and have continued to develop and provide original intelligence methods on the foundation of Big Data and technology.

In addition, through Dentsu Digital Holdings (DDH) we manage the Dentsu Digital Fund totaling 10 billion yen, aimed at creating a global digital business market and expanding the business of the Dentsu Group in the digital communications domain.

The Dentsu Group fully leverages the high level of expertise possessed by each Group company in and outside Japan. We create platforms that help clients solve their business issues and achieve their campaign goals, and, as a marketing partner, provide total solutions covering all aspects from data analysis to benefits verification and system operation.

Digital/social media includes the following business activities:
Interactive media
Digital solutions
Platform development
Social media marketing

Data Solutions

As technology advances in an increasingly digital world, the data that can be gathered and analyzed is growing exponentially in volume and diversity. It goes well beyond survey data and sales data to include website log data, posts in social media, GPS and other position data, and sensor data, for example. All these different types of data are being accumulated in real time, and can be exploited as important information sources for marketing activities.

Today the use of such data has become a key to business growth and innovation in a variety of marketing areas and issues. These include deciding marketing strategy, optimizing investments, devising new marketing insight and consumer understanding methods, as well as evolving campaign management, digital marketing optimization, direct business, and CRM.

Dentsu is developing many different data solutions that integrate data, technology and ideas (data × technology × ideas) in order to discover in all this data the knowledge that will be of use in business and marketing, and for optimizing action. Drawing on our wealth of experience and know-how acquired over the years, we provide a range of solutions supporting client business growth.

Data solutions include the following business activities:
Marketing insight
Marketing ROI
Campaign management
Digital marketing optimization

Media Content

Dentsu applies unique planning methodologies and a wealth of proven results to execute problem-solving media planning and effective media buying. The Company also develops original media plans and excellent content assets. In addition, Dentsu is setting the stage for utilizing excellent content in ad campaigns through such means as developing new businesses, investing in feature film production and acquiring broadcasting rights to major sports content by leveraging long-standing bonds of trust with media companies.

Media content includes the following business activities:
Media planning
Media buying
Sports marketing
Entertainment content marketing
New business development with media companies
Audience insight

Social Solutions

Social concerns may start with issues that have been embraced on a global scale, such as environmental protection, the efficient use of energy and the conservation of natural resources. However, they also extend to other themes, such as food, medical treatment and nursing care, as well as poverty and income disparity. Solutions to such concerns demand active participation and cooperation not only among government agencies but also within the private sector and non-profit organizations. Such responsibility extends even to the man in the street. Within the Dentsu Group, specialized teams are set up for each phase of a project, namely, consulting, planning and execution. Various issues are addressed and solutions are designed to realize a better society. These solutions include identifying social themes and formulating communication strategies as well as developing campaign promotion schemes and defining specific support activities.

Social solutions include the following business activities:
Environmental strategy
Energy and smart grid business development
Food and agriculture business development
CSR consulting
Sustainability marketing
Social design engine (visualization of social themes)
Other projects (life innovation, BOP, national tourism)


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