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Content Summary

What are issues that Dentsu must address with respect to changes in the business environment? Top Message
  • Toward the creation of a new Dentsu Group
How We Create and Share Value
  • In accordance with its corporate philosophy of “Good Innovation.” the Dentsu Group contributes to the achievement of a sustainable society by working together with clients to provide optimal solutions to global social issues.
Discussion (Heads of Japan and International Businesses)
  • Second phase of Dentsu Group transformation —Aiming to Become One Dentsu—
FY2018 Performance Financial/Non-financial Highlights
  • Performance highlights for three-year period including FY2018
  • Underlying factors and explanations of FY2018 performance
  • Dentsu regards 2019–2020 as a second phase in its development aimed at promoting Groupwide business reform
Message from CFO
How will Dentsu achieve medium- to long-term growth in its international business? How We Create and Share Value
  • Implementing wide-ranging reforms that provide value to people and society
Discussion (Heads of Japan and International Businesses)
  • Second Phase of Dentsu Group Evolution— Aiming to Become One Dentsu—
Key Persons
  • Perspectives of Dentsu Group key persons
Dentsu Group Medium-term Direction
  • Dentsu’s own innovation
  • Leading the Dentsu Group into a new phase
How is the Working Environment Reform Plan in Japan progressing? Decent and Creative Work
  • The significance of working environment reforms
  • Working environment reforms: specific initiatives and their current progress
How is Dentsu engaged in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? Overview of the Dentsu Group
  • At a Glance —Quick Facts about Dentsu—
Dentsu Group CSR
  • Message from the Chairperson of the CSR Committee
  • Dentsu Group SDGs-related Actions
Common Ground
  • Focus on Goal Three: Health—working with NGOs to prevent global infectious diseases, such as malaria and tuberculosis
Dentsu Team SDGs
  • Consumer Survey on SDGs
  • Production of SDGs Communication Guide


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