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Diversity and Inclusion

Dentsu Group Initiatives
In recognition of the substantial impact advertising has on society, Dentsu has established behavioral principles and guidelines related to creative work, and pays the utmost attention to advertising production.

Promoting Female Participation

Motivated by the goal of raising our ratio of female managers to 10% by 2020, we are raising awareness by such means as providing training for female leaders and holding Diversity Cafés, a series of in-house sessions focused on the gender divide. In FY2018, we launched unconscious bias training as part of our efforts to become an organization that is more accepting of diversity. This training is designed to help participants become aware of, and fix distortions or biases in, their points of view or perceptions regarding unfamiliar matters.
Dentsu helps develop and support the careers of female employees. To maximize the Company’s strength, we formulated an action plan for the promotion of diversity to run from January 1, 2015 until December 31, 2019. Through the plan, Dentsu is striving to expand its existing female-friendly work environments so that female participation in the workplace might increase.

Summary of the Action Plan


  1. Increase the ratio of women among new graduate recruits (permanent employees) to at least 35% by 2020.
  2. Increase the ratio of women among managers to at least 10% by 2020.

Specific efforts

  1. Adopt measures to recruit and select female employees.
  2. Enhance management skills of managers.
  3. Foster career awareness among female employees.
  4. Dispel uncertainty over work–family balance (raising children, providing care) by revising current systems and support measures.
  5. Redesign work style to encourage greater output, reduce long working hours.

In FY2013, we launched the Female Employees Promotion Project, to create a working environment in which temporary leaves of absence will not jeopardize employees’ careers. In addition, at an early stage of their careers, women are given ample opportunities to think about their careers at, for example, lunch meetings with senior female employees. This gives them the chance to hear about the experiences of others, and to attend career seminars held by lecturers invited from outside the Company.

Employing People with Disabilities

We established Dentsu Solari, a wholly owned, special-purpose subsidiary, in April 2013 as part of our efforts to promote the employment of people with disabilities. As of June 1, 2019, some 2.35% of employees at three of our Group companies (Dentsu, Dentsu Works, and Dentsu Solari) were individuals with disabilities. Many of these employees are also active in our sales and creative departments, and we are working to expand employment opportunities for those with disabilities. In FY2018, we held three seminars, aimed at eliminating mental barriers, that attracted 220 participants.
The seminars were designed to foster comprehension among employees throughout the Group. The aim was to deepen understanding of mental barriers that individuals with disabilities face, and to promote a mindset that allows mutual respect.

Promotion of Diversity

LGBT Initiatives

Six rainbow color’s logos
Six rainbow color’s logos
representing diversity,
announced by Dentsu.

In accordance with our societal responsibilities and in response to stakeholder demand, in 2018 we expanded the range of those eligible to participate in Dentsu Family Day in Japan. As one of our employee welfare programs, it now welcomes common-law and same-sex partners.
Then in April 2019, we also implemented a variety of revisions to existing policies. We updated our vacation policy, parental and nursing care leave systems, and working hours. At the same time, we expanded eligibility for benefits and services, as well as the range of individuals who may participate in events sponsored by the Employee Mutual-Aid Association.
In addition, we have engaged in a number of diversity-supporting initiatives. These include the Dentsu Diversity Lab, a solution development task force set up in 2011, and the Ally Network, comprising individuals who are sympathetic and understanding regarding LGBT issues.
In October 2018, the Dentsu Diversity Lab conducted a wide-ranging LGBT survey, which gathered information from sexual minorities, primarily individuals in the LGBT community.
Our plan is to continue providing working environments that are respectful and accepting of the characteristics of all individuals, as we engage in initiatives to change employee attitudes toward LGBT issues and promote diversity on a societal level.

Launch of Education Programs

The Dentsu Group has concluded a partnership agreement with the University of Tsukuba known for its advanced research and initiatives through which both entities will cooperate to establish human resources training and develop solutions aimed at achieving a more inclusive society.
With the topics of diversity and inclusion increasing attention as diversification of society, Dentsu has set as goals helping to establish academic disciplines focused on these topics, and spreading social awareness. Dentsu thus plans to combine its perspectives—based on the expertise and knowledge it has cultivated over the years—with those of academic institutions. Based on these perspectives, Dentsu hopes to promote the achievement of a more diverse and inclusive society, primarily through the development of human resources, products, and services with a focus on the diversity of individuals.


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