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Responsible Communications and Content

Dentsu Group Initiatives

In recognition of the substantial impact advertising has on society, Dentsu has established behavioral principles and guidelines related to creative work, and pays the utmost attention to advertising production.

Dentsu Creative Code

Society is substantially impacted by creative output and processes centered on advertising. In recognition of our social responsibility and in order to fulfill our role, we position the success of our customers and the creation of a better society as our mission. To this end, we established the Dentsu Group Creative Operational Code, a behavior policy for every employee involved in creative businesses in all Dentsu Group companies, units and divisions. We make an effort to improve ethics and creativity within creative businesses by constantly learning and improving.

Guidelines Regarding Advertising and Marketing That Affect Children

In 2016, NGO Save the Children Japan published Guidelines Regarding Advertising and Marketing that Affects Children formulated by the NGO’s Children's Rights and Marketing/Advertisement Review Committee. Dentsu cooperated with the formulation of these guidelines through Global Compact Network Japan.

Publicity Business Guidelines

Dentsu has formulated Publicity Business Guidelines, and conducts its publicity business in accordance with these guidelines.

SDGs-related Communication Guide

SDGs Communication Guide
SDGs Communication Guide

In June 2018, Dentsu created an SDGs Communication Guide, a handbook for people involved in corporate management and advertising, as well as people working at advertising companies to use when thinking about SDGs-related communication.
In the field of advertising communications, the use of expressions that do not reflect the actual state of corporate initiatives, and improper expressions that could cause misunderstanding among consumers is criticized as a deviation from the principles of the SDGs. Experts have also indicated that use of improper expressions may damage corporate value.
Based on these factors, we launched the Dentsu SDGs Communication Guide Preparation Committee, which created the guide by compiling data that should be learned, points of caution that must receive attention, and other information that is useful when conducting advertising or promotional activities that are mindful of the SDGs.


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