Integrated Report

Risk Management

Under the Internal Control and Compliance Committee, which is chaired by the executive director in charge of internal controls as a system for comprehensively managing Group-wide risks, the Dentsu Group strives to achieve continuous improvement by understanding Group risk management conditions and formulating, executing, monitoring, and improving policies and risk management processes using the four-step PDCA management method. We establish risk management rules, as well as formulate and execute specific response plans, prioritized in order of risk severity. This we do to maintain and improve our system to prevent risks and to minimize their impact should they occur. Departments and directors are assigned responsibility for each key risk. They formulate and implement response plans to reduce the likelihood of risk; submit midterm progress reports; and prepare year-end self-assessments as well as guidelines for the next fiscal year after they have been discussed by the Internal Control and Compliance Committee. The committee then shares risk awareness and the proposed responses with the Board of Directors and Audit and Supervisory Committee, and monitors situations as appropriate.


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